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VAT registrations & advance VAT returns in Italy

Automate VAT registrations throughout Europe, as well as advance returns and all declarations and reports with the FREE VAT software from hellotax. No matter if retrospective registration or handling of your VAT returns - we offer the all-in-one solution for online sellers in Europe.

When do I have to register for VAT and make advance returns in Italy?

Reason 1:
Threshold Limit

You reached the threshold when selling to Italy

Those who have to register for VAT in France also have other obligations, such as the regular submission of advance VAT returns. However, registration is not required immediately after the first sale to France. 

In order to keep the effort for traders for one-off (or few) sales abroad low, there are various so-called registration thresholds limits in the EU below which no registration is necessary.

In France this delivery threshold is 35,000 EUR. Accordingly, traders from other EU countries only have to register in France if they sell goods worth more than 35,000 EUR to France within a calendar year.

Reason 2:

You were storing goods in a warehouse in Italy

In addition to exceeding the respective threshold limit, storage in an EU country also results in the obligation to pay VAT in the country of storage.

For example, anyone who sells with Amazon FBA and uses Amazon’s warehouses must also register for VAT in all countries in which storage takes place and, of course, submit advance returns to the authorities from this point on. If storage takes place in France, then VAT registration and returns in France are also required.

Note: Advance VAT registration is required from the day of first storage!

You already have a VAT number in Italy?

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Great, then quickly to the next question 👇🏼

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You need a VAT ID in Italy? No problem! Register directly in our FREE tax software with just a few mouse clicks.

In addition, our tool offers many other services for online merchants, such as monitoring all thresholds, goods movements, sales, automating correspondence with the authorities, handling all reports, payments and VAT returns, and much more.

You need help with filing
your advance returns in Italy?

✔️ YES

VAT registration in Italy, as in any EU country, involves recurring tasks, such as tax returns, advance returns or reports on goods movements.

To be able to handle the paperwork in the best possible way, we have a team of tax accountants that stretches across the whole of Europe. This enables us to respond to local requirements in the best possible way and provide the best possible service.

We support you with your VAT advance return in Italy and with all other reports and specifications throughout Europe!

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You have already registered in Italy in the past?

✔️ YES

You have registered in time or do not need a VAT ID in Italy anyway? Then to the last question 👇🏼

❌ NO

You forgot to take care of the VAT registration in Italy and now this is long overdue?

Since registrations can still be completed and missing documents submitted retrospectively, this is usually not an unmanageable problem. Nevertheless: the sooner this is done, the less fines are incurred and the sooner you don’t have to worry about it. We are happy to help you here to ensure that all tax obligations are met in the future.

If you are not sure about your VAT obligations in Italy, contact us and we will tell you what your obligations are and what you still need to do to ensure full compliance.  

Would you have had to submit VAT returns in Italy already?

✔️ YES

It may happen that in the past a registration for VAT in Italy was missed or overlooked. However, this is no reason to worry.

We can also take care of your VAT compliance and the observance of all tax regulations for you afterwards – both EU-wide and on a national level. Of course, this also includes retroactive VAT filings, registrations and the subsequent submission of other reports that were already due.

Our FREE tax tool and our local tax consultants (in Italy too, of course) automate your VAT and reduce your workload!

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