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VAT registrations & VAT returns in Poland

Automate your registrations for VAT, all advance returns and any necessary declarations and reports with the VAT tool from hellotax. The all-in-one solution for handling VAT in e-commerce.

Under what conditions do I have to take care of a VAT ID
and returns in Poland?

Reason 1:
Threshold Limit

Exceeding the threshold of PLN 160,000

Anyone who sells goods from another EU member state to Poland within one calendar year and exceeds a country-specific limit (registration threshold) of PLN 160,000 must register for VAT in Poland.

The thresholds in Europe are intended to make trade easier and not always lead to an immediate obligation to register. However, if the threshold is exceeded within a year, then a registration is mandatory and thus also VAT advance returns, Intrastat, summary declarations, etc.

In Poland the delivery threshold for sales tax is 160,000 PLN (approx. 37,000€). Accordingly, online traders selling to Poland must take care of VAT registration in Poland if they sell goods worth more than PLN 160,000 to Poland within a calendar year from another EU country.

Reason 2:
Storage in Poland

Storage in Polish warehouses

Apart from reaching the annual delivery threshold Poland, traders must also register for VAT there if goods are stored in Poland.

Through the Central Europe Program, for example, which Amazon FBA sellers can choose to use, storage is extended to Poland and the Czech Republic in addition to Germany. This means that because of the storage in additional Amazon warehouses, additional registrations become mandatory.

Note: Advance VAT returns are generally mandatory from the day of the first storage.

You are already registered for VAT in Poland?

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If you want to register for VAT in Poland because you will be storing there or you will exceed the threshold limit, we will be happy to help you with the required steps.

So with our FREE VAT Tool you can do all the registration in any country of your choice with just a few clicks.

Our software has many other features for the daily business of online merchants, such as the monitoring of goods movements and thresholds, automation of all reports, declarations, returns, and much more.

You need help with filing your
VAT returns in Poland?

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Registrations in an EU country always involve ongoing tasks, such as submitting returns, reports and other declarations.

In addition to our great tax tool, we at hellotax have built up a team of tax accountants who are spread all over Europe and who can act in the best possible way with regard to local laws, correspondence with the authorities and the general handling of tax tasks.

Our Polish tax experts will be happy to take care of your advance VAT returns in Poland and ensure your VAT compliance.

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You have already registered for VAT in Poland in the past?

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In case you have overlooked or forgotten to register for a VAT number in Poland in time, then one thing in advance: no reason to panic!

Registrations can also be processed retroactively and the necessary documents and records can be submitted retroactively as well.

If you are not quite sure about your tax obligations, then simply arrange a meeting with us and we will be happy to inform you about your tax obligations – without any obligation and free of charge.

You should have submitted advance VAT returns
in Poland in the past?

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You accidentally missed your VAT registration in Poland when it would have been necessary? For this or other reasons, advance returns have not been submitted in the past either?

Our tax professionals will also take care of your tax compliance retroactively. So we’ll register your VAT ID, file advance returns and generally do everything we can to ensure your tax compliance from now on and for the past.

Our FREE VAT tool gives you a complete overview of thresholds and tax duties. Subscribe to our service and more features will be unlocked (see PRICING).

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