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Advance VAT returns & VAT registrations in Spain

You are an online seller in Spain and are not quite sure about your registration and reporting obligations? Do you need help with advance VAT returns or the registration of your Spanish VAT number? Get started today with our FREE VAT Tool!

When do I have to register for VAT in Spain and submit advance returns?

Reason 1:
Threshold Limit

Exceeding the threshold of 35.000€

The submission of the advance return for VAT in Spain, which is always accompanied by further documentation obligations, is of course only necessary if one also has a Spanish VAT ID. Usually, these are sellers who either sell from or to Spain, but for sellers who sell to Spain, there is a kind of tax free amount: the VAT registration threshold.

These thresholds exist in all EU countries and as long as you export to a country within a calendar year below this threshold, no registration is required. 

The delivery threshold in Spain is 35.000,- EUR. So online traders from other EU countries only need to register in Spain if they sell goods with a value of more than 35.000,- EUR to Spain within one calendar year.

Reason 2:
Storage in Spain

Storage of goods in Spain

Another reason that makes VAT registration within the EU mandatory is the storage of goods.

Anyone who stores his goods in a warehouse, for example from Amazon, must register for VAT in each individual country of storage. In contrast to the delivery threshold, there are no limits here and it must be registered in EVERY country where goods are stored. This also means that advance returns, filings, etc. must be submitted in these countries.

Note: Advance Returns must be submitted from the day of first storage!

You already have a VAT number in Spain?

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Perfect. 👍🏼
No additional costs arise here.

❌ NO

We will be happy to help you with the registration of all required VAT numbers, of course also with a registration in Spain if you want to store there or if you will reach the annual registration threshold soon.

Our FREE tax tool allows registration in all EU countries, handling of reports & advance returns, full overview, automated communication with the authorities and much more.

If you book our tax service annually, the registration of all VAT IDs is even completely free!

You have already registered in Spain in the past?

✔️ YES

A VAT registration in Spain also means that you always have to submit advance notifications, declarations and other reports.

We are happy to support you in the handling of all tax-related tasks throughout Europe. On the one hand by our in-house developed tool for the automation of VAT and on the other hand by our local tax consultants who ensure the highest quality standards and a smooth communication with the authorities.

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You need assistance with the filing
of your advance VAT returns in Spain?

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You have registered in Spain for a VAT ID in time? Great! Then to the last question 👇🏼

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Don’t worry! We will be happy to help you register in Spain retrospectively and thus ensure that you comply with all tax requirements from now on.

You are not sure whether a registration would have been necessary in the first place? Then write to us and we will clarify your tax obligations – free of charge, of course.

Have you already had to submit advance VAT returns in Spain?

✔️ YES

Registered too late and filed too late? Or not yet at all?

In addition to retroactive registrations, we can also take care of retroactive advance filings and returns for you and generally take care of all aspects of compliance with all past, current and future VAT requirements and regulations.

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