Free VAT compliance software for e-commerce

Subject line: Free VAT compliance software for e-commerce

Check out the only free VAT compliance software for e-commerce!

Dear {customer},

We know how challenging dealing with VAT can be. How frustrating it is to keep track of all the different European VAT thresholds, especially when using multiple sales channels. Or how difficult it is to make sure you submit accurate VAT returns, even when working with accountants or tax consultants, as mistakes often happen.

So, we partnered up with hellotax, an experienced tax consultant for e-commerce businesses, who has developed a free software that enables you to:

  • Know when you need to register for VAT in a new country, by automatically monitoring your VAT thresholds and where you store your goods;
  • Integrate your Amazon account to import sales data automatically;

Allow quick manual upload for all the other sales channels.

Additionally, you can access their paid software features, with a 10% discount on your first year, by using our special voucher code {partner code} at checkout:

  • Tax Letter Inbox automates correspondence with the tax authorities, by scanning, translating and extracting all relevant information from letters of all EU tax offices;
  • VAT Registrations can be made with just a few clicks directly in the software wherever and whenever possible.
  • All VAT returns can be saved, processed and paid in the hellotax software. You will be notified whenever action from your side is required.

Use it for free starting today, to avoid VAT related penalties!

Best regards,

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