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Customer stories from all around the world.

  • David Reed, CEO

    Maxant Buttons – since 1960

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    Since 2014, David Reed is the CEO of Maxant Buttons, an American company that dates back to the 1960s. The producers of buttons and buckles focus on American raw materials and on keeping their manufacturing in the US. With the aim of supporting the local workers and having an positive impact on the local job market.

  • Johannes Kliesch, Co-Founder


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    Johannes Kliesch has founded his company SNOCKS together with his cousin Felix Bauer in 2016. During their studies, both wanted to have financial freedom while being self-employed and be their own boss and they came up with something that made them successfull online sellers: socks.

  • Nikolaus Obersteiner, CEO


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    Nikolaus Obersteiner from Weekview gave us insight into his innovative time management tools, the history of his company, the challenges, how hellotax could help and what new entrepreneurs should keep in mind to grow their business. Listen to our exclusive podcast or read the full article.

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